Greetings cards

Purchasing is easy!

1. Visit Nick's Artworks at one of his upcoming exhibitions (see front page).

2. Purchase by contacting Nick via this website. He can arrange private viewings, consultations and delivery for busy people who'd like a lovely painting but don't have time to go shopping for it! (see contact details below).

To contact Nick for Purchases, Painting Classes or general enquiries:

Call 07866 838627 or preferably:

Click Here to send an enquiry

  1. If you wish to purchase a website painting, please state the painting's title or code on the enquiry form.
  2. You can also order greetings cards in the same way by stating the titles and quantities required.
  3. Nick will provide an all inclusive figure - including packing, delivery/postage and insurance if appropriate.
  4. Once the purchase is agreed/quote accepted, Nick will contact you to arrange payment/delivery.