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Nick Benjamin was born in Pembrokeshire in 1971. He now lives in Worcester Park, SW London. He has been producing artworks since 1994 - specialising in oils and acrylics.

There are obvious influences from growing up on the coast of Pembrokeshire, West Wales in the landscape style of many of his paintings. The choice of colours often picks up on the tones of the sea, sky and sunsets. Nick's Artworks are unique paintings with a twist. No brushes or tools are used here - Nick paints using just his fingers!

“I prefer to paint using my fingers as this technique results in a real bond between the artwork and me. It allows for some intricate blending of vibrant colours.”

Nick is a self-taught artist - preferring to "have a go“ at new techniques rather than following conventional schools of thought as to what makes good art.

“My paintings are usually purchased by people with a contemporary outlook - who like a vibrancy and fresh approach. The paintings have a quality that will leave you with a sustained interest - something that you will want to look at over and again.”

Nick is keen to break down the barriers that stuffy art galleries put up – and make his artwork accessible to everyone. You can buy Nick's Artworks through his many exhibitions (see the front page) or by contacting Nick through this website by clicking HERE!